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What’s in your Enrollment Toolbox?

Parents are getting more sophisticated in the way they want to look for and communicate with their child care center. Are you doing what you can to keep up with the times?

Enrollment toolbox
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5 Pillars of Enrollment

Capture, Organize, Communicate, Engage and Analyze the families that want to become a part of your program. See what’s working and what’s not, and spend your time focused on your program instead of managing hard-to-learn software that just leaves you frustrated. IKS has built the most advanced set of enrollment tools specific for child care, so why aren’t you using them?


Whether it’s recording calls, self-scheduled tours, chatting via text message or taking inquiries via Facebook, IntelliKid Systems gives you the tools to compete in the digital age while still maintaining control and accountability.

Ready To Grow Your Enrollment?

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