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Revolutionize Your Employee Recruitment Process

Unlock the power of effortless employee recruitment with IntelliKid Systems’ cutting-edge Employee Management System (EMS). Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and hello to a streamlined and efficient workflow that will supercharge your talent acquisition efforts.

Ready to revolutionize your recruitment process? Request a demo now and see how IntelliKid Systems Employee Management System can transform the way you attract, engage, and hire top talent.



With our EMS, you can effortlessly manage and organize incoming applications, automate interview scheduling, and enhance communication with applicants. Experience a seamless candidate experience that leaves a lasting impression. Our intuitive platform empowers you to track applicant data, collaborate with your hiring team, and increase overall efficiency and productivity.

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Dedicated Employee and Applicant Phone Number

Monitor and track conversations with a dedicated phone number for employees and applicants.

Streamlined Applicant Management

Streamlined Applicant Management

Our EMS allows you to easily manage and organize incoming applications, streamlining the recruitment process.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Automated Interview Scheduling

Automate interview scheduling, providing a more organized and efficient candidate experience.


SMS Communication Capabilities

Leverage the power of SMS communication to get faster response times, higher open rates, and more personalized communication with candidates.

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Make the Most of Your Recruitment Efforts

EMS can help you manage the onboarding process, keep employees informed, and even send reminders about certification expiration dates to ensure you stay compliant. With IntelliKid Systems' EMS, you can make the most of your recruitment efforts and keep your preschool fully staffed. Don't wait. Get your Employee Management System today and start leveraging the power of automation!

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