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Streamline Your Enrollment Process

Streamline Your Enrollment Process 

IntelliForms is a feature-rich program created with early childhood organizations in mind and enables businesses to collect documents and payments directly from the forms themselves.



At IntelliKid Systems, we understand the tedious and complicated process of submitting forms and payment information for your childcare center and have developed an intuitive and easy way to use software that simplifies this process. Our forms feature offers flexible customization for each client. Its secure payment processing capabilities ensure compliance with all regional licensing requirements.

Digitizing Your Forms

Digitizing Your Forms

IntelliForms allows centers to digitize their paperwork to maximize efficiency— enabling higher quality attention they provide to the children.

Organization Via Automation

Staying organized is easy with IntelliForms! Say goodbye to the hassle of paperwork as our fully automated software operates discreetly in the background— allowing more time to nurture the children's needs.

Organization Thru Automation
Easy Document Uploads

Easy Document Uploads

Our digital mapping system allows administrators to upload all current forms into IntelliForms and customize them for each client.

Automatic Email Notification

Both administrators and leads are notified instantly when a package is submitted. IntelliForms helps track progress and ensures that payments have been collected.

Automatic Email Notification
Secure Payment Processing

Secure Payment Processing

IntelliForms provides secure payment processing capabilities. Payments can be collected with any package and customized to your specific needs.

The Benefits of Using IntelliForms

IntelliForms is a valuable tool for any early childhood organization. Our platform is intuitive and easy to set up, enabling businesses to get started quickly.

Streamlined Enrollment Process

Digital forms increase enrollment efficiency for families.


Tailor Packages by Location

Customize documents, assign a location, and add multiple payment types.


Secure Storage of Documents

Collect payments directly from the package.


Keep Your Business Compliant

Required fields ensure state compliance by meeting all requirements. 

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