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We Know Enrollment.

IntelliKid Systems helps Child Care centers increase enrollment in the new reality of a digital world. Let us help you with a full suite of enrollment tools aimed at growing your center while you spend your valuable time on achieving the highest quality early childhood education program to serve your community!

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5 Pillars of Enrollment

Capture, Organize, Communicate, Engage and Analyze the families that want to become a part of your program. See what’s working and what’s not, and spend your time focused on your program instead of managing hard-to-learn software that just leaves you frustrated. IKS has built the most advanced set of enrollment tools specific for child care, so why aren’t you using them?

IKS: Capture
IKS: Communicate
IKS: Engage
IKS: Organize
IKS: Analyze


Let no lead fall through the cracks!

Capture the details of each incoming lead through multiple sources to ensure that no information is lost. It’s important to automate this process as much as possible.

IKS: Capture
IKS: Communicate


All in one place!

Marketing automation customized to your center creates multiple touch points for parents to learn more about your programs and curriculum.  With IntelliKid Systems’ multiple conversation channels, you can put parents at ease and build trust in your center.  Our platform allows you to communicate with parents the way they want, and no matter what method, it all stays in one easy to read timeline! 



Stand out!


Promote your center in a way that invites potential parents to interact and respond.  Something as simple as GIF’s, videos, or emojis can significantly improve your “open” and “click” rates!

IKS: Engage
IKS: Organize


Find calm in the chaos!

The key to an effective enrollment process is organizing and sorting all your leads and data. Having that ability will save you time and make information easy to find.  With IKS, not only can you easily identify where leads are in the enrollment process, you can tailor the communication flow to guide them through that process all the way to registration. 



Stay on track!

Make informed decisions using hard data and statistics.  Track the source of your leads and find out where your marketing dollars are most effective. Learn when you get the most inquiries, what time your parents are most likely to respond and everything about the performance of your center’s enrollment efforts. IntelliKid Systems is first in the industry to give you the tools you need to track a prospective parent throughout the entire process, from capture to tour, all the way to enrollment.

IKS: Analyze

Our Partner Integrations

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What People Are Saying

"IntelliKid Systems has helped us organize and keep track of all our leads! Our leads convert to tours right away. We are WAY full with a long waitlist. We need more staff and another school!! Our directors love how easy and effective the system is to use."
 - Rachel Supalla, Child Care Success Coach


The IntelliKid Systems product suite includes premium software for both Lead Management and Staff Recruitment. We offer the complete solution to both fill your early learning service and hire and maintain quality staff.  Get started by booking a demo with our Success Engineers!


Lead Management System
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Our Lead Management System helps you to capture all incoming leads, nurture those leads through marketing automation, and enroll more families.  Fill your center, manage your waiting lists, and ensure that no lead is left behind with our easy-to-use management platform!

Lead Management System
IntelliKid Systems: EMS


Employee Management System

Our Employee Management System brings communication and marketing automation to your recruitment efforts.  Move candidates seamlessly through the hiring process  from submitting applications through onboarding and even post-employment communication.  It’s a whole new way to handle staffing!

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IntelliForms is IntellliKid Systems’s newest product and by far the most innovative. Online and digital forms have been an issue in the early childhood industry for quite some time, and this is the first purpose-built software specifically designed for child care centers and their needs.

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IKS: Marketplace


Help your email marketing SHINE with our exclusive content library!  Enhance your business communication through premium content designed by IKS professionals and our high-end marketplace partners. 

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Customer support is always here to help you

One of the most crucial parts of adopting any new tool is the support and training that you can access to help you succeed, and here at IntelliKid Systems we value the support we give to our centers. 


To further our commitment to support, we have a centralized help center with video tutorials on how to do each and every function within IntelliKid Systems. We’ve even prepared helpful one page handouts that act as a great quick reference guide to be printed out and kept near the computer you use for managing your leads!


We are always here to make sure you get the most out of your IntelliKids platform.


always available

5 min

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We make it easy for parents to choose your center. You don’t need a large marketing budget or even a marketing team to get the attention of parents in your area.  All you need is a great communication tool that does the work for you, and that’s where we come in. 

$ 110 / month

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We're ready to lead you into the future of childcare marketing. Send us a message and learn how we can help you turn your questions into results!

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