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Capture the details of each incoming candidate through multiple sources to ensure that no information is lost. It’s important to automate this process as much as possible.

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Assign a number - this phone number serves as a dedicated employment line and is redirected to the hiring specialist.

Call Recording - your IKS platform automatically records incoming calls to your designated marketing line for training purposes as well as accurately capturing all candidate details. Your hiring staff can calmly and confidently answer the phone, knowing that all information will later be accessible in the recording.

Incoming SMS & Incoming Email

Prospective candidates can send you an SMS directly or email employment inquiries.


Landing pages - create as many as you need.

EX. Self schedule interviews, Career Application.

API & Form Embed - your web development team can connect your website to IKS.


Connect your Facebook Messenger to your IKS system in less than 60 seconds!  This integration ensures that candidate data goes directly into IKS from Facebook Messenger, and you can send and receive FB messages directly from your IKS platform!

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