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Promote your center in a way that invites potential candidates to interact and respond.  Something as simple as GIF’s, videos, or emojis can significantly improve your “open” and “click” rates!


Drag & Drop Email Editor

Create amazing templates for your centers.

Lock templates so that users cannot change the design.

Use for follow-up emails or in Campaigns.

This email templating engine allows you to create dynamic emails to engage with potential parents:

  • Add your own images or choose from over 500,000 stock images

  • Use GIFs to increase your open rates and interactions

  • Add videos into the body of the email


Stay in contact with candidates and employees with email campaigns to send announcements, newsletters, and event invites!


Conduct virtual interviews.

Actions to Take

Guide your hiring staff throughout the entire lead nurturing process. Customize the displayed action messages so that your staff knows the next steps to be taken for each candidate.  Reach out for that personal connection! 

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