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Annual Calendar Planning Made Easy!

Summer is the best time of the year to start your annual childcare planning! As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, it's the ideal season to lay the foundation for a successful year ahead. Take advantage of the slower pace and the energy of the summer months to engage in intentional planning, organizing events, and setting goals for your childcare business. By starting now, you'll be well-prepared to provide an enriching and memorable experience for both children and staff throughout the coming year. So, let the sunny vibes inspire you as you dive into your annual childcare planning process!

Follow these steps to create a well-organized, intentional, and enjoyable calendar:

1. Start with the major events:

  • Plug in recurring events like graduations, holiday events, art shows, and special days (e.g., Mother's Day, Father's Day, Week of the Young Child, Fall Festival). These events happen every year.

  • Consider events that may have flexible dates or occur annually, but require scheduling, such as staff training days or conferences.

2. Determine the five W's:

  • For each major event, identify:

    • WHO is responsible for organizing the event? Delegate tasks to ensure everyone has a role.

    • WHAT needs to be done or delegated? Plan out food, decorations, activities, and any other requirements in advance.

    • WHERE will the event take place? Consider indoor and outdoor options, and have a backup plan for inclement weather.

    • WHEN is the event happening? Set the date, time, and duration.

    • WHY is the event taking place? Define the purpose behind each event, whether it's boosting morale, marketing, or simply having fun.

3. Plug in meetings:

  • Schedule regular staff meetings and any other relevant meetings, such as directors' meetings or leadership meetings.

  • Plan for food and supplies using the same five W's approach.

4. Weekly themed activities:

  • Consider adding weekly theme days or activities to keep the atmosphere engaging and exciting. Like crazy hair day.

  • Consider weekly gratitude activities such as teacher of the week, child of the week etc.

  • Apply the five W's to ensure successful and enjoyable experiences.

5. Make room for FUN or new things each year:

  • Intentionally plan for fun days and events to keep morale high and create memorable experiences.

  • Utilize the Oddball Holiday Marketing Calendar for inspiration, choosing fun and wacky holidays to celebrate throughout the year.

  • Apply the five W's to ensure successful and enjoyable experiences.

6. Schedule one-on-one time:

  • Block off time on your calendar for individual meetings with team members to foster communication and strengthen relationships.

  • Although all the five W's may not be required, simply having them scheduled will benefit your connection with your team.

7. Evaluate every month:

  • Plan dedicated time to evaluate your calendar each month.

  • Reflect on events and determine whether they were executed as planned, identifying any missed opportunities.

  • Review the upcoming month's calendar and make necessary adjustments.

Remember to involve your team in the planning process, allowing them to contribute ideas and take on special roles. By doing so, you'll create a sense of value, appreciation, and ownership within your business, resulting in a fun-filled and engaging environment.

Get ready for a year filled with intentional planning, exciting events, and lots of fun!



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