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Automate your follow-up from incoming phone calls

While being logged into your IKS account, access more information on the steps to automate your follow-up from incoming phone calls within our Help Center here.

Here at IntelliKid Systems, we understand how busy your day can get when you work with children. Educating. Caregiving. Changing diapers. Prepping meals. Giving tours. Answering phone calls. Managing your actions in IKS. You do it all!

We want your list of things to do shorter, not longer! When it comes to growing your enrollment, our system makes capturing lead data a breeze. By incorporating our Tour Scheduling and Contact Us landing pages into your website, leads have the opportunity to provide their own information and directly schedule tours. With our call recording feature, we are able to capture a lead’s phone number, and allow you to revisit the conversation later to fill in the blanks.

To make things even easier, you can use our SMS-AI functionality to take advantage of both our landing pages and call capture features together to set up to trigger a text message to any first-time callers in the system.

The standard text message is: “Thank you for contacting (business name). We look forward to learning more about your family. Please complete this form (link to form) and we will contact you soon.”

This text contains a link to a landing page that will allow the lead to fill in their own details:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Child’s First Name

  • Child’s Last Name

  • Child’s Date of Birth

  • Child’s Gender

  • Desired Start Date

  • Add Another Child (if needed)

Your leads will also have the option to schedule a tour from this form as well. (If they are not quite ready and just want to learn more about what you have to offer, they are not required to select a tour time.)

As with any of our form submissions, the lead status will be updated to New Lead if they choose not to schedule a tour, or updated to Scheduled if they do schedule a tour. Not only does the lead fill in their own blanks, the system uses marketing automation to update the status, and send the appropriate communication to your lead; all of which are time-saving features!

If you would like to learn more about this feature, or have it set up for your IntelliKid Systems’ environment, please reach out to our Success Engineers via email or our convenient support chat. Thank you.

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