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C.A.R.E. - Customer Attention Retains Enrollment

In the very busy world of child care, there is nothing more important than child retention and keeping families that are enrolled in your school happy, so they continue to come back day after day and year after year. Successful child care centers are successful because of their attention to the detail of customer satisfaction. When parents believe in, and feel a part of your school, they buy into the culture, the program and curriculum. They become invested in the people and relationships and are less likely to take their child somewhere else.

C.A.R.E. stands for Customer Attention Retains Enrollment. C.A.R.E. reminds all center staff to take the extra step to provide exceptional customer service to both the child and the parent. C.A.R.E is not hard to do, it can be as simple as greeting every parent and child, every day, with a warm genuine smile and an enthusiastic “Good Morning!”

C.A.R.E. is the process of getting to know the parent and child. What motivates them? What are they interested in? What are their expectations of the child care environment? Then, applying that knowledge to how YOU can help make the parent and child’s life easier, better, and the experience richer. When C.A.R.E. is provided on a consistent basis by all staff, parents can “feel” the difference and they remain enrolled at your center longer.

C.A.R.E. ensures that the child and parent are getting the specialized attention that retains enrollment. The goal is to reduce parent anxiety and help parents enjoy and celebrate the quality of the program that their child is experiencing.

The following are some C.A.R.E. steps you can take to make sure children love your child care center and parents continue to support your school.

Create strong and sustainable relationships.

  • With Families

    • Share what you know about their child in a respectful way.

    • Develop strong family relationships with all members of the child's family.

    • Have honest, authentic conversations that build trusting relationships with adults and parents.

    • Listen to the families’ ideas and concerns without preconceived judgment.

    • Give parents a phone call just to check in.

    • Let parents know how their child helped in the classroom today.

    • Let parents know how their child helped a friend today.

    • Check in with families at drop-off and pick-up times.

    • Greet every adult enthusiastically.

    • Keep parents informed about upcoming events.

    • Thank the parents for enrolling in the program.

  • With Children

    • One of the most important aspects of adult-child interactions is engaging children. Talking to children about what you are doing, and describing what you are seeing and experiencing helps young children make sense of the world they live in and builds a trusting relationship.

    • Have fun.

Creating an outstanding C.A.R.E. environment in your center is not only about retention, but also about building enrollment. Use software like IntelliKid Systems to keep parents informed with the happenings of the center as well as give them the opportunity to easily refer new parents. IKS is a leading CRM in the child care industry and can automate the process from a happy parent referral all the way to a newly enrolled happy family!

IntelliKid Systems helps centers across the globe modernize their enrollment by:

  • Keeping parents engaged throughout the decision-making process: from a first impression all the way to enrollment.

  • Communicating with parents all in one place via SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom

  • Using easy, embeddable landing pages to collect information from prospective parents on your website including allowing tours to be booked with IKS’s self-scheduling tour tools including calendar sync!

  • Recording and managing your inquiry calls all within one system with no hardware needed!

  • Communicating with enrolled parents via newsletters with IntelliKid Systems best-in-class drag and drop email editor and campaigns feature.

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