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Communication is the key to Leadership with Summer Picha

Summer Picha is a Minneapolis / Twin Cities-based early childhood development and leadership expert who helps early childhood programs, schools and facilities become the best-in-class choice for their clients and customers and be an integrated part of raising good humans.

She’s the creator of the Conscious Classroom Certification Model: the leading framework that helps owners and administrators retain great staff, recruit ideal children and families, reduce risk and stay compliant without complication, and protect school revenue while running a fast-paced facility in ever-changing times.

Leveraging Summer’s 18+ years in the industry and her role as co-founder of a group of award-winning and highly-referred Montessori schools in the Twin Cities, Summer knows specifically what it takes to lead a mission-driven team and create a culture where schools and families feel like they belong.

What she is most passionate about is working closely with the leadership and staff to empower them to take pride in their very important work. Professionals in early education have some of the most influential impact on the future leaders of the world - yet they are the most underappreciated and underpaid - and that’s why the CCC Model was created - to level up the industry and the ability for owners and admins to run facilities that line up with their vision with a staff that really cares.

Ultimately, Summer wants all stakeholders in the school to have a holistic experience that is child-centered and empowers their educators to embody leadership at a cellular level.

Summer is known for her quirky yet tough approach to solve the challenges in the industry. She understands this deeply because she co-founded a multi-campus early education company that she ultimately sold for $4.3M, and now has dedicated her next season to help founders like her to be able to get the most out of their facilities and vision. She is also the founder of Grit and Grace, wife to Eric and mother of three children.

To rewatch the webinar click here.

On our Communication is the key to Leadership webinar with Summer Picha, Summer shared her unique approach of looking at running a healthy program through the lens of the 4 R’s: Revenue, Risk, Retention, Recruitment.

What is a “Healthy Program”?

A “healthy” program is one that has coverage in the 4R’s of the childcare industry and can sustain itself through the ebbs and flows of a changing world. Using the 4 R’s as a lens to view all situations and make appropriate changes in the way leaders handle situations.

Those 4R’s

Revenue: A healthy program will run their school like a business and have a strong financial ground to stand on. We can not serve and impact families if we can’t meet our bottom line.

Risk: A healthy program has policies in place and all stakeholders are trained on them to ensure safety for the children we serve and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Retention: A healthy business can retain staff through keeping up with trends and providing a cutting edge work space for all employees.

Recruitment: A healthy program will have a strong community image and the tools necessary to convert leads.

This program isn’t designed to only get you hyper focused on your current struggle or today's hot topic - it is there to give you the tools and skills to look ahead and always be leading the way in the industry.

Summer also shared Find your leadership edge

What type of leader are you?

  • The Ringleader

  • The Maestro

  • The Enchanter

  • The Coach

  • The Captain

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