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Finding the Hidden Blind Spots in Your Child Care Business with Brian and Carol Duprey

Brian and Carol Duprey are Certified Child Care Coaches and the founders of Child Care Genius, a child care coaching and training company. They are the authors of six books and the #1 selling child care business book authors of all time.

Considered two of the world’s leading experts on child care expansion, profitability, and mindset, Brian and Carol Duprey have been guiding owners, directors, and teachers to unprecedented growth in their businesses through their books, podcast, and online tools.

Brian and Carol Duprey have been in the child care industry for over 27 years. They have opened and run 10 very successful schools, and today they are certified child care coaches, best-selling authors, motivational speakers, and podcast hosts helping center owners, directors, and teachers lead more successful lives.

Brian and Carol have written the Amazon best-selling books The Art of the Tour: Tactics, Tips, and Tools to Increase Tours and Conversions at Your Child Care Center and Advanced Child Care Business Strategies: Secrets to Profitability, Expansion, and Wealth Creation.

Hosts of the wildly popular Child Care Genius Podcast, Brian and Carol tackle topics such as increasing center profitability, expansion, employee hiring and retention, cultivating an amazing mindset, and how to retire wealthy, leaving a legacy for future generations. Listen or subscribe at

Brian and Carol also host the Child Care Genius Mastermind Group, a FREE Facebook Group of current and future child care millionaires at

You can learn about all of the services they offer at

In this webinar, Brian and Carol Duprey explored the 14 Profitability Killers that could be limiting the growth of your business. From financial planning and staff management to operational efficiency and customer relations, we covered a spectrum of essential strategies to boost your profitability. By addressing these challenges head-on, you'll be well on your way to enhancing the financial health and sustainability of your enterprise.

Watch the webinar here!


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