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Follow Up = Families Enrolled

A family contacts your center. They tour, they love it, and they sign up.

Don’t you wish that it was that easy all the time? While some parents are ready to enroll now, others may need a little more convincing before ultimately making their decision.

Reasons behind parents' decisions can vary when choosing care for their children, but there is one thing that will help you stand out and build trust quickly:


Here are 3 ways to simplify follow-up within your early learning service:

  1. Use marketing automation. To save time, use a software platform that automatically sends follow-up emails and text messages. (IntelliKid Systems is great for this!) Emails and texts should be personalized to fit each family’s needs through every step of the enrollment journey. By using automation, it saves you and your staff time in taking these steps manually.

  2. Pick up the phone. While emails, texts, and social media are helpful in connecting with parents, a phone call is a personal touch point that opens the door for conversation, resolving concerns, and sharing information about the benefits of your center.

  3. Schedule reminders. We are all human and there is no way we can remember every person that needs to be followed up with, so schedule follow-up reminders in your calendar (Google, Outlook). You can, also, use a tool that sends reminders automatically when a family needs to be followed up with.

The better your follow-up process, the more families will fill your center!


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