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Hiring and Supervising Turned Upside Down with Vernon Mason

Updated: Aug 28

Vernon has been called the trifecta of childcare. He grew up in an "in-home" program. As his company grew, he was the owner-director of small, medium and large programs. After 28.5 years, including a decade of multi-site ownership, he sold his schools to a large regional provider. Along the way, Vernon completed a Master's in Early Childhood, wrote a couple of books, and became a popular speaker. Today, Vernon is Senior Vice President of Growth and Development for The Nest Schools.

Author of:

  1. Don't Go! A practical guide for tackling employee turnover.

  2. Get Out! But before you go…..Practical steps to turn your Zero into a Hero or set them free!

Both available on Amazon.

Hiring and supervising turned upside down!

It's a whole new world! Five years ago, the biggest struggle for directors and owners was enrollment. Today, the need for hiring employees has surpassed enrollment. It seems as if there are not enough candidates to fill the vacant positions. Even when we follow all the proper guidelines in hiring and interviewing, new employees can often emerge inadequate. In this webinar, Vernon gives ideas and suggestions that will challenge you to adjust your recruiting, interviewing, and hiring techniques to maximize and broaden the quantity and quality of your new hires.

Here are some of the standout ideas:

  • Hire on the spot.

  • If you are trying to hire 1 person, you have to work up to 12 candidates to result in that 1 hire.

  • Overhire.

  • Hire part-time people and provide benefits.

  • Consider reducing operating hours.

  • Run ads focused on the employee you are looking to hire.

  • Pay at the top of the market.

  • Charge at the top of the market.

  • Treat your employees fairly, not equally.

If you would like more information, contact Vernon Mason at or

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