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IntelliKid Systems Academy Presents: Guiding with Grace: Decision Making for ECE Leaders with Summer Picha

Summer is the creator of the Conscious Classroom Certification Model: the leading framework that helps owners and administrators train and retain great staff, recruit children and families, reduce risk and stay compliant without complication, as well as protect school revenue while running a fast-paced facility in ever-changing times. In her new book It's Lonely at the Top: Organizational Strategies for Early Childhood Leaders, Summer begs the question: With all the smarts and creativity leaders in this field have to offer, why do ECE leaders feel so lonely? Why is the burnout rate so high?

Decision Making for ECE Leaders with Summer Picha

"ECE leaders are some of the smartest, most dedicated, loyal, honorable, talented, personable people I have ever met. Every single day, I am amazed by the leaders in this field."

Leveraging her 18-plus years in the industry as well as her role as co-founder of a group of award-winning and highly referred Montessori schools in the Twin Cities, Summer knows specifically what it takes to lead a mission-driven team and create a culture where schools and families feel like they belong. Her book offers some of the practical methods for dealing with the people, processes, information, and technology that every Early Childhood Education leader is faced with. These issues are explored in depth as she explains the best practices and tactics relating to retention, recruitment, risk mitigation, and revenue that every educational leader can benefit from.

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In this webinar, Summer uncovered practical methods for navigating the intricacies of people, processes, information, and technology in Early Childhood Education Leadership. Summer showed us how to grasp the importance of guiding with grace, not just as a leadership skill but as a catalyst for fostering an inspiring and supportive culture. Summer also walked us through how to use the 6 Steps of Decision Making:

  • Determine the problem.

  • Establish the criteria.

  • Consider the alternatives.

  • Identify the Best alternative.

  • Develop a plan and take action.

  • Evaluate the decision.  

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