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Navigating Compliance with Confidence in ECE Programs with Cindy Vian

Cindy Vian is a dedicated professional in the realm of early education and childcare, bringing a wealth of knowledge and understanding of regulatory compliance. Having dedicated her career to understanding the intricate web of federal and state regulation that govern child care facilities as well as the complex landscape of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) regulations, she is relied upon as a trusted advisor to industry stakeholders within both the private and public sector. 

Navigating Compliance with Confidence in ECE Programs with Cindy Vian

She is currently serving as Vice President of North American Operations for 1Place Childcare software, a cloud-based solution that helps early education brands to move from standardized license preparedness to operational best practice and trend analysis, helping optimize efficiency and quality assurance initiatives.   

Previously, Cindy served as Vice President of Customer Acquisition for KidKare (Alpine Software Group), where she identified significant opportunities to capture market share, developed the marketing and sales strategy, built a team that delivered consistent growth of 6-10% YOY and cultivated key relationships with leadership teams at many state agencies.

In this webinar, Cindy Vian from 1Place Childcare software delivered an enlightening presentation, focusing on rebuilding regulatory knowledge and experience. Participants were encouraged to incorporate learning into their daily operations and harness their team's genius with transparency. The webinar aimed to empower ECE programs to navigate regulatory challenges with confidence and foster a culture of ongoing improvement. Feel free to reach out to Cindy at

If you are interested to learn more, you can access the full recording here

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