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New Hire Survivor’s Guide

It's time to rewrite the narrative when it comes to appreciating and valuing our dedicated childcare staff. Why wait until the signs of dissatisfaction emerge? We know that by then, it may be too late to reignite their passion and commitment to your childcare business. Infuse enthusiasm into your new hires right from the start, during their onboarding process. Let them feel the excitement of becoming a part of your school family and set them up for success from day one!

To help you revolutionize your onboarding process and drastically reduce turnover rates, create a "New Hire Survivor’s Guide" based on feedback from your current employees. It is a powerful way to ensure that new team members have a smooth and successful transition into your childcare organization. This guide serves as a comprehensive resource, offering insights and practical tips that might not be found in standard orientation materials. Here's an elaboration on this idea:

1. Feedback Gathering: Begin by soliciting feedback from your current employees who have recently gone through the onboarding process. This can be done through surveys, one-on-one interviews, or group discussions. Encourage them to share their experiences, including what they wished they had known or any challenges they faced during their initial days.

2. Content Compilation: Compile the feedback into a comprehensive guide that covers various aspects of the onboarding process. This can include both practical information and cultural insights. Ensure that you cover areas such as:

  • Day-to-Day Operations: Provide details on how daily routines work, including scheduling, breaks, and key responsibilities. This can help new hires feel more confident in their roles from the outset.

  • Communication: Explain how communication flows within the organization. This includes how to use internal messaging systems, who to contact for specific questions or concerns, and how meetings are conducted.

  • Cultural Norms: Highlight the organization's culture, values, and expectations. Share anecdotes or stories that illustrate the company's culture and what it means to be part of the team.

  • Practical Tips: Offer practical advice, such as where to find supplies, how to operate equipment, and any shortcuts or helpful tricks that can make their daily tasks easier.

  • Common Challenges: Address common challenges or misconceptions that new hires may encounter. For example, explain how to handle difficult parent interactions or navigate tricky situations in the classroom.

3. Visual Enhancements: To make the guide engaging and easy to navigate, consider incorporating visuals, infographics, and charts. Visual aids can help new hires absorb information more easily.

4. Personal Touches: Personalize the guide by including welcome messages and profiles of current employees. Sharing stories of their experiences and achievements within the organization can make the guide more relatable and inspiring.

5. Take a First Day Photo. Let's enhance the idea of the "New Hire Survivor’s Guide" by including photos of current staff members on their first day, 100 days, 200 days, 1st year, 5 years and 10 years. This will provide new hires with a clear picture of the journey and longevity within the organization and help them feel more connected with other staff members. Don’t forget to take a photo of the new hire on their first day and on all your highlighted milestones. By incorporating milestone photos into the "New Hire Survivor’s Guide," you create a dynamic and visual representation of an employee's journey within your childcare organization. This not only provides valuable information but also instills a sense of belonging and achievement that can motivate and inspire new hires throughout their tenure.

6. Accessibility: Ensure that the guide is easily accessible to new hires. Provide both a digital and printed copy, if possible. Include it in the welcome package or orientation materials.

7. Continuous Improvement: Treat the "New Hire Survivor’s Guide" as a dynamic document that evolves over time. Encourage employees to provide ongoing feedback and updates to keep the guide relevant and up-to-date.

8. Integration into Onboarding: Integrate the guide into your onboarding process. Use it as a reference during orientation sessions and as a resource for new hires to consult whenever they have questions or concerns.

9. Mentoring and Buddy System: Encourage new hires to connect with experienced employees who can serve as mentors or buddies. These individuals can help new team members navigate their first few weeks and provide additional insights beyond what's in the guide.

By creating a "New Hire Survivor’s Guide" based on feedback from current employees, you're not only providing practical information but also fostering a sense of belonging and support from day one. It's an innovative and thoughtful way to ensure that your new hires not only survive but thrive in their new roles within your childcare organization.


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