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Stand out from the competition

These days, many parents are looking for more than the convenience of the nearest childcare service or the one with the lowest price. Parents are informed about their childcare choices and are able to get immediate answers to parenting questions or information about childcare centers, through the internet.

The curriculum, activities and philosophies of what their child will be learning in childcare are important to them. But for many parents nowadays, their main priority is teaching their child to be a better human being rather than just a smarter human. They are looking for programs that emphasize diversity and inclusion, kindness and compassion. They are looking for childcare centers that emphasize character development and how to get along with others. For today's parents It's more than just social interaction. They tend to have closer relationships to their children than their parents had with them and they prioritize developing lifelong friendships for their children.

At the same time they are also looking for services that have something special to offer that will enhance their child's life. Dance programs, yoga, music or soccer that highlight skills that will help their child develop confidence while energizing their minds and bodies. Social events where children can observe others, listen, explore, talk and ask questions while having fun are important to parents for their children.

For good reason, children’s health has become a top priority for parents, especially during the pandemic. Parents are looking for a center which will foster a healthy body and mind through a mix of exercise, play-based learning, and healthy nutritional options. This is why there is a big push towards “organic”, “outdoor preschools” and “creative movement” within early childhood education.

Competition is greater than ever before. Childcare organizations need to find a way to make themselves stand out from the competition by thinking about what the parents in their community are looking for and how they can meet those needs. Ask yourself, “What are the parents in this community looking for?” Then ask yourself, “What is my competition not offering that parents in the community want?”. Overcoming the competition comes down to understanding what's important to today's parents and finding ways your childcare can meet those needs.


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