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Teacher appreciation

Teacher appreciation is not something to be done only once a year during Teacher Appreciation Week! Showing how much we value and appreciate our teachers should be an everyday occurrence. Helping teachers reduce stress and feel valued for their hard work is something you can do year-round everyday!

Let’s look at several tips you can do daily to help your staff feel valued, reduce stress, feel appreciated and prevent teacher burnout.

1: Bring Treats:

Everyone appreciates treats and goodies, especially teachers. Little snacks give teachers the energy they need to execute engaging, enriching lessons throughout the day. Find out their favorite treat and sneak it into their mailboxes.

2: Provide Breakfast or Lunch:

During the school day, teachers are often so focused on their students and the tasks at hand that they do not have time for a well-balanced breakfast or lunch. Treat them to a meal of their choice.

3. Wash their Car:

Working long hours at school means that teachers rarely prioritize taking care of their own “life tasks.” A washed car seems like a simple thing, but will really help a teacher out.

4. Craft a “Thank You” Banner:

Collect notes or messages from students in the teacher’s class and compile them onto a banner or poster. Hang it in the hallway so everyone passing by knows how much the teacher is appreciated.

5. Send an e-mail:

A quick, but meaningful way to appreciate a teacher is just to write it in a note or email. Include personal stories of what you saw or heard the teachers do that made a difference and impacted you.

6. Give a Break:

Make a date to read a book aloud to the class, supervise lunch or give the teacher a break during outdoor recess time. This can make a huge difference on a frustrating day.

7. “Tell On” a Teacher:

Create a board where teachers are publicly recognized for excellence and a job well done. Parents, administrators and other teachers can share comments and brag about the excellent teaching they witness by “Telling on“ the teacher.

8. Create Candy Puns:

There’s no shortage of clever candy puns and wonderful snack food wordplay. Leave a mason jar full of Mike-and-Ike’s, Skittles, or M&M’s labeled “chill pills.” Or place individual portions of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers in a baggie with the phrase, “We need s’more teachers like YOU!”, a Three Musketeers bar with a note that says, “To someone who does the work of three people – THANK YOU!”, “Have I told you “Reese”- ently you are wonderful to work with.” The creative and yummy teacher appreciation ideas for staff are endless!

9: Create an Individual Award for Each Teacher:

Create an award for each teacher that highlights that teacher's strengths. Post the award in the teacher’s classroom.

10: Create a positive school culture:

For any teacher appreciation effort to deliver lasting change, it must be grounded in positive culture: an environment where teachers feel valued every day, are given a voice and are set up for success in their classrooms. Every action you take as an administrator should forge and foster this positive culture. The most important asset we have in our schools are our teachers!


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