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Top 10 Child Care Design Trends in 2023 with Better Beans Branding

IntelliKid Systems recently hosted a webinar titled "Top 10 Child Care Design Trends in 2023 with Better Beans Branding". The webinar aimed to explore the latest design trends for outdoor classrooms and playgrounds, with a focus on how these design principles have transformed schools and positively impacted the educational experience.

The webinar began with introductions of the guest speakers. Jordan Woodruff, the Vice President of Design at Better Beans, shared her passion for great design and highlighted her experience in various sectors, from restaurant and hospitality to healthcare and residential builds. Leah Wirtz, the Director of Interiors, brought her diverse background to the discussion, having worked in corporate settings, as well as medical and financial interiors. Savannah Fordham, the Director of Brand Development at Better Beans, was praised for her artistic background and keen eye for aesthetics.

Throughout the webinar, attendees were able to learn about the top child care design trends for 2023. The speakers emphasized the importance of creating exceptional outdoor learning spaces and how these spaces can have a positive impact on the educational experience. They also discussed the benefits of incorporating elements of nature into schools, such as enhancing student engagement, fostering creativity, and promoting overall well-being.

Additionally, the webinar touched on the significance of branding and aesthetics in child care spaces. Savannah Fordham emphasized the importance of incorporating the unique personality of each client into their brand. She highlighted her team's ability to transform conceptual designs into a physical branded experience, ultimately bringing brands to life.

Overall, the webinar provided valuable insights into the latest child care design trends for 2023. Attendees learned about the benefits of incorporating outdoor learning spaces and elements of nature into schools, as well as the importance of branding and aesthetics in child care spaces. The IKS Academy sincerely hopes you enjoyed hearing from Better Beans Branding, an industry leader in creating innovative and engaging environments for children.



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