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Transform your childcare business in 100 days with Brandy Woods.

Brandy Woods-Smith is a charismatic and passionate educator, entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant. She is known as a thought leader, change agent, community developer and, to many, she is hailed the “Millionaire Midwife”.

Ms. Woods-Smith attended Jarvis Christian College in East Texas. She finished her Master in Education Administration in 2005. After serving the public school system for 13 years, Woods opened Imagine Me Academy in 2013 and now has multiple locations.

In her quest to help other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success, she founded Powerhouses United and Childcare Millionaires: business incubators designed to give education, resources and teaching financial literacy to entrepreneurs.

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On our webinar “Transform your childcare business in 100 days with Brandy Woods”, Brandy shared her thoughts on:


Self-talk can be both positive and negative. It influences how we respond to situations. Negative self-talk, such as “You're going to look foolish,” “Who’s going to pay for this?”, “You don’t have what it takes,” can destroy you, if you let it. To combat negative self-talk, Brandy suggested facing it head on. Ask yourself: what's the worst that can happen in this scenario? “Could I lose my home?”, “What if I lose all my savings?” Look at the worst-case scenario to deflate your fear. Then, face that fear with facts and positive affirmations. A simple “I can do this” repeated again and again allows your subconscious mind to begin to see yourself doing it.

Zone of Genius:

What is it that you can do that other people find difficult? This is your zone of genius. Your zone of genius is the area where you are highly skilled and proficient. Do what you are good at and delegate or hire someone for all the other tasks. As owners, directors and leaders your time should be spent on the thing that you do the best. In order to move your vision forward, you must be able to work on sharing that vision with others in ways only you can do.

Technology is the bridge to wealth:

For child care entrepreneurs, embracing technology is a must. Tech tools help you leverage limitations on your time and energy. They are always working. Technology is the key to saving time and an inexpensive way to overcome obstacles and mistakes.

Operational Plan:

An operational plan is more than a business plan. It comprises all the elements of the business plan, but also includes how it will be done and who will execute it. The plan must include every facet of your business, from the simplest tasks to an exit strategy.

Accountability Plan:

Personal accountability is the key to creating the discipline needed to reach your goals. List everything that you need to do within a 10-day period and, at the end of that time period, calculate your completion score. If you have ten things to do in that time period and you completed seven, then your completion rate is 70%. In order to really be effective in business, you need to accomplish your tasks at an 85% rate. Don’t forget to delegate to elevate your score. By combining 10-day periods into 100 days, you can transform your business.

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