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Turn Off Actions to Take for Incoming Phone Calls from Enrolled Parents

As an IntelliKid Systems user, you already know how beneficial our system is in helping you to grow your enrollment. With our behind-the-scenes marketing automation and status-specific communications, your leads are being nurtured from the moment they enter our system.

Additionally, in between all of the automated content and follow-up, we have also sprinkled in our Actions to Take to use as a checklist to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. (For a refresher, you can access our Introduction to Actions to Take article here). One of the benefits of these actions includes a notification every time a lead calls into your center, giving you easy access to the leads who need your attention, and possible follow-up from their phone calls.

By default, these actions are also set up to appear when a Registered family has contacted you. While an action message that notifies you when a potential lead has reached out to you via phone call is helpful during the nurturing process, some may find that these notifications can be cumbersome to receive once a lead has officially enrolled as a customer. If you find that these notifications from Registered families are cluttering up your Actions to Take checklist, we can easily remove them to help your team save time in the system by keeping their focus on active leads.

The beauty of IntelliKid Systems is that our system is fully customizable to suit your needs; therefore making it your system. We can achieve the customizations for your Actions to Take by creating a workflow to remove the Incoming Call notifications from showing up once a lead is put into a customer type status. To add this, follow the steps below.

Note - This will require admin level access and marketing automation permissions.

To access all these steps, you can utilize our Help Center article here as well, while being logged into your IKS account.

  • From your All Leads page, access the Blue Smart Menu, and scroll down to the bottom portion, and select Workflows under the Marketing Automation category.

  • Access the Actions to Take workflow group, and click on the blue “+ Add New Workflow” button at the top-right of the section.

  • Select “Yes” to make the workflow active.

  • Add a title to the workflow. We recommend something like “Delete Incoming Call Action for Registered Families”.

  • Make the selection “Multiple times, when lead action is added” in the box under When to process workflow.

  • Hit Save.

  • Once the Workflow is created, it will default to the bottom of the page, and can be dragged and dropped into any sequence you choose.

  • Next, we need to set the parameters for the workflow to trigger. First, select the dropdown arrow to the right of the workflow title to expand and create the rules for the workflow.


  • Click “+Add Criteria” and select “Incoming Call” from the list of options.

  • From the dropdown list that appears, select “Any Phone” if it is applicable to all locations within your center. If it is for a specific location in a multi-site environment, select the applicable phone number for the location.

  • Click “+Add Criteria” again, this time selecting “Lead Status Value” from the list of options.

  • From the dropdown list that appears, select “Registered” or any other relevant customer type status (For example, you may use Enrolled instead of Registered).

  • Next, we will set up our Actions.


  • Click “+Add Action”.

  • Select “Delete Actions to Take” from the list of options.

  • Next, we will set up the Scheduler.


  • Under the Scheduler section, hit the dropdown menu where it says “Immediately”, and select “Delayed”.

  • In the blank text area that appears, add the number 2.

  • Then select “Minutes” from the dropdown menu.

  • Hit “Save”.

The completed workflow will look as follows:

The Incoming Call Action to Take will now be deleted from any Registered customer profile after 2 minutes, eliminating the need for your team to go in and physically dismiss the action! At IKS, we are all about providing solutions to make your processes more seamless and efficient. For any further assistance or questions, feel free to reach out to one of our Success Engineers via email, or through our convenient Support Chat. Thank you!

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