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A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents Using IntelliForms

At your child care center, we understand that convenience is key for parents when it comes to submitting registration documents. That's why we've introduced IntelliForms, a user-friendly platform designed to streamline the document submission process. For your dedicated staff, ensuring that parents can navigate this system seamlessly is a top priority. In this blog, we'll break down the step-by-step instructions for staff to assist parents in submitting registration documents online with ease. Additionally, while being logged into your IKS account, access more step-by-step information regarding parents using IntelliForms within our Help Center collection here.

IntelliForms, a user-friendly platform designed to streamline the document submission process.

Step 1: Getting Started

When a parent is ready to complete a registration package, they'll start by clicking on the provided package URL. The first step involves entering essential information such as First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone. After inputting these details, they will select "Start."

Getting Started

Step 2: Authentication Code (If needed)

If parents are submitting the registration on a different device than their email is on or wish to use your center's device, they can click on "Click here if your email is on a different device." An authentication code will be sent to their email or phone number, valid for 5 minutes. Entering the code on the registration page allows them to proceed with document submission.

An authentication code

Step 3: Email Confirmation

Parents will then receive an email containing a link to start filling out the registration documents. By clicking the provided button within the email, they will be directed to their online document package.

When logged into IntelliForms and viewing the package, you will see when a parent has registered for a package and where they are in the submission process.

The date and time the package was created is when the email with a button link to submit their package was sent to them. If they state they have not received the email, ask them to check their inbox and junk folder for this date and time.

If they cannot locate the email, you can click the “Resend Link” and the email will be resent to them.

Resend Link

Step 4: Document Submission

Upon entering their package, parents will see a list of documents on the left-hand side that need to be submitted. Clicking on a document will initiate the filling-out process. Required fields are marked in red boxes, ensuring that no crucial information is missed. After completing a form, parents should click "Save" before moving on to the next form or file upload.

For mobile users, tapping on the three lines in the top-left corner of the screen grants access to the document window. In this window they will see the “Save” button to save the completed document.

Document Submission

Parents can save their progress on a document by clicking "Save" and return later to finish the document. Once all required fields are submitted correctly, the system will show a green checkmark next to the document. If they save the document and all required fields are not complete, they will see a red exclamation mark.

Step 5: Submission Validation

Once all the required documents/uploads are saved, and all the required fields are filled in, the "Submit" button will turn from gray to blue, indicating that the package is ready for submission. If the button remains gray, it signifies that something still needs completion.

If the package includes a payment, they will need to complete the payment before the package will be submitted.

When logged into IntelliForms and viewing the package you can see where the parent is in the submission process. When a parent has started filling out the package, you will see the time and date of when they started filling out their documents.

Under “Documents” you will see either a gray, red or blue circle. Gray means the parent has not started filling in that document. The red circle means the parent has started filling out the document and has saved their progress but has not completed all required fields on the document. The blue circle means the document is filled in and successfully saved.

Submission Validation

With this comprehensive guide, staff can confidently navigate the IntelliForms platform and help parents with submissions for a seamless document submission experience. While the step-by-step instructions empower your staff to troubleshoot any potential issues, our dedicated Success Engineers are a chat away and ready to assist should additional support be required.

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