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Daily Tasks in IKS - How to Manage your LMS by using the Blue Smart Menu

While being logged into your IKS account, access more menu information within our Help Center here.

Managing leads can seem overwhelming at times, but with IntelliKid Systems, prioritizing your leads and addressing their needs is simple! With the ease of use offered by our Blue Smart Menu, you can easily sort your leads to ensure that no one falls through the cracks!

Under the Leads section, you will see 5 focus categories: New, Scheduled, Actions To Take, Hot, and Incomplete.

  • New: This option will pull up all of your leads currently in the New Lead status. This list will allow you to easily touch base with your New Leads, and reach out to encourage them to schedule a tour! The goal here is to turn around these leads within 24 hours to either the Thinking or Scheduled statuses.

  • Scheduled: The Scheduled section allows you to easily view your leads that have a Scheduled status and have upcoming tours! You can toggle between either a list or calendar view based on your personal preferences!

  • Actions to Take: Your Actions to Take are going to be the bread and butter of your daily tasks! Your Actions are used as a checklist to make sure that all of your leads' needs have been met, and that everyone is being nurtured. These will vary between communication notifications, nudges to contact the lead to follow up, or prompts to change a status. Your Actions should be cleared at the end of each day! If you want to learn more, while being logged into your IKS account, use this Help Center article for reference.

  • Hot: The Hot section will pull up all of the leads you have marked as Hot! A Hot Lead can be defined by the specific needs of your center; whether that is because you think that family is close to enrolling, or if they have a child that meets the age range of a classroom you are trying to fill! Your options are limitless!

  • Incomplete: A lead is considered Incomplete when they do not have a Status assigned. The Incomplete section will bring all of these leads together, so you can review their profiles, contact them if necessary, and then assign them the correct status. Status changes are important not only so that you know where your leads are at in the process, but, also, to tell the system what Marketing Automation to send and when!

Our system is designed to make lead management efficient and timely. When you use your Blue Smart Menu to assist you in the prioritization of tasks, the time you spend in the system will be brief, yet successful!

For tips and guidance on effective system management, set up a Q&A time here with one of our knowledgeable Success Engineers!


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