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EMS Demo with Christina Villa

In this webinar, Christina Villa, Director of Sales for IntelliKid Systems, and Samantha Kloorfain, Success Engineer for IntelliKid Systems, demonstrated how IntelliKid Systems Employee Management System (EMS) brings communication and marketing automation to your recruitment efforts. They demonstrated how candidates move seamlessly through the hiring process from submitting applications through on-boarding and even post-employment communication.

Christina explained how the five pillars of EMS help users stay relevant and current in today’s very competitive fast-paced world of hiring and employment.

Capture the details of each incoming candidate through multiple sources. By adding EMS-provided landing pages to your website or on your careers page you can automatically capture all candidate information. Digitally advertise through Indeed, Facebook or Google Ads and EMS will capture the candidate’s information. The EMS platform automatically records incoming calls to the designated marketing line for training purposes as well as accurately capturing all candidate details.

Communicate with your potential candidates through their preferred method of communication. Two-way texting captures candidate information and displays on the timeline so you can communicate in real-time conversations. EMS will sync candidates' profiles with completed applications and automatically send receipt confirmations or any other customizable return communications that you desire.

Organization is the key to running any business, but is extremely important in the fast-paced child care industry. Using EMS search and quick search features allows you to find the candidate and information you are looking for quickly. Filters can be customized based on your center's needs and the state's requirements. For example, if you want to search for all candidates that are CPR certified you can easily find all candidates with just a couple of clicks.

EMS candidates are organized by status, or, in other words, where the candidate is at in the application process. Is the applicant a potential candidate (PC) or have they submitted an application (AS) or is the first interview scheduled (1IS)? Based on status, marketing automation will send out your preferred communications. One great feature of EMS is the ability for the candidate to self-schedule their interviews based on your predetermined availability. Simply changing the applicant status triggers marketing automation that invites the candidate to self-schedule their interview and sends confirmations and reminders to the candidate. This time-saving feature is appreciated by the candidate and saves you time.

Engage and manage your current employee information. By using customizable data fields you are able to keep track of all employees and potential employees certifications, and requirements for employment. You can easily find who needs updated CPR or whose teaching certificate may be expiring and send them an engaging text and email.

Analyze statistics to determine the health of your business and the health of your employee hiring efforts. Analyze how many candidates applied in a certain time frame, how many were scheduled for an interview and how many were hired. This analysis can help you get the best ROI for your employee hiring efforts and determine where your ad dollars are best spent. By analyzing the Co-hort analysis report, you can see where candidates might get stuck in the hiring process and alter your procedures if necessary.

Below are Christina's tips for users. Be sure to check the following things every day. It only takes a few minutes a day.

  • New - Daily review new applicants and change their status as needed.

  • Scheduled - Check who is scheduled for an interview.

  • Actions to Take - Help you know what actions to take to help move the candidate along the hiring process.

  • Hot - These are the people you really, really want to hire!

  • Incomplete - These are profiles with incomplete information. Check and complete daily. Candidates will not get any marketing information if left in this status.

Marketing automation is the brain of the EMS system and workflows are the timing of the system. Christina demonstrated how the workflows are set up in easy-to-understand language. For example, if the status is changed to Potential Candidate (PC), a previously created SMS and an email will be sent out immediately. A reminder to schedule the interview SMS and email will also be sent out 2 days after the status change.

EMS provides out-of-the-box templates that were created based on our years of experience and best practices. Every business and state have different requirements, so the templates are easily customized for your specific business and needs. Christina reminds us to create and use templates that are your business voice, that attract the candidates with qualifications that you want to employ. Engage your candidates by creating colorful, bright, eye-catching, interactive, engaging emails that show candidates your individual culture, personality and school. For example, add a video of a virtual tour of the center and show candidates why they want to work for you.

EMS Campaigns allow you the ability to reach a large number of people with exciting, interesting and engaging email information. Christina recommends sending out Monday Memos for the staff with photos and videos of adventures and activities that happened during the week. You are able to see the deliverability and who opened and read the email campaign.

Hiring employees has become very competitive. Other types of businesses and industries are offering higher wages for what may be perceived as less work. What can you do to attract and retain employees?

Christina's tips for setting your brand apart:

  • Figure out what makes you a better place to work. It could be the flexibility in schedule. Nights and weekends off.

  • Develop your culture. Provide lunch for everyone at least monthly.

  • Show respect. Give payday candy bars on pay day. Give lifesavers with a card saying “you're a lifesaver”. Give lip balm with a card saying “you're the balm”.

  • Value your employees' ideas. Listen to your employees and, if appropriate, make changes based on the suggestions.

  • Get to know your staff, build a connection and nurture those relationships.

  • Take baby steps. Relationships take time to develop. Not everything has to be done today.

  • Once someone finds a great place to work, it's harder for them to leave.

Christina's final tip is to create a careers facebook page. Ask your current staff to post examples of their daily routine and why they like working at your school. Testimonials are the best form of referrals.

Cost of EMS:

  • Current LMS customers: $55.00 per location per month.

  • Just want EMS? Cost is $110.00 per location per month.

Schedule a demo here.

Recording of webinar here.

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