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EMS: The power of the LMS, but for hiring!

If you use IntelliKid Systems, you already know the power our platform provides when it comes to communicating with your leads, automating processes behind the scenes, and giving your leads the ability to schedule their own tours. With IKS, we know the options for customization are limitless, from communication templates, workflows, and statuses - you can tailor our product to meet your specific needs.

These benefits are not only limited to our Lead Management System (LMS) - you can use the same powerful platform for your hiring needs as well! With the Employee Management System (EMS), you can track your candidates, schedule interviews, send email campaigns to your team, and even automate reminders to your team when their CPR certification or licensing is about to expire! While being logged into your IKS account, access more step-by-step information on all things EMS within our Help Center here.

Following up with your candidates is easy with our self-scheduling interview options, marketing automations and “actions to take”! With the same user-friendly interface as our LMS, your hiring process is made simpler. Your active candidates are found on the home page, and the trusty blue smart menu is there to help prioritize potential key players you would like to join your team!

Following up with your candidates

Our Success Engineers will work with you to adjust our out-of-the-box content to cater the statuses and communication to fit your hiring steps and processes. We know that choosing the right employees is important, especially in the childcare industry, and customizing your EMS is key! We are happy to ensure that you get the most out of our tools!

You can create custom landing pages to start off the application process. With the click of a button, your candidates can attach a resume for your review. From there, moving forward with the next steps is as simple as changing a status! You can relax knowing that our system will be sending communications, including scheduled interview reminders, behind the scenes! We know how busy you can get, and we are here to help you save time!

With our powerful Drag and Drop Editor, you can create engaging content to send to your team, such as weekly updates and newsletters. Sending fun emails using GIFs, videos, and pictures is a great way to foster positivity, celebrate, and recognize your team.

If you would like to learn more about the EMS platform, we would love to show you what it’s all about! Schedule an EMS demo here, and visit our website for more information! Happy Hiring!

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