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From Lead Generation to Enrolled Families

One of the biggest issues owners and managers face is lead generation - actually getting parents to inquire at your service.

While some companies may have big marketing budgets and paid staff to manage ad campaigns, the truth is that most centers don’t have this luxury!

So how can you generate leads organically, or with a small budget?

Add your business to Google My Business.

  • It’s free and it’s a great way to get your business noticed on Google when people search for childcare in your area.

Keep your Facebook Business Page up-to-date and make sure all your contact info is correct (phone number, website, address).

  • Remember that many parents will search your service and Facebook may be their first point of contact. So it’s important to have a cover photo, profile picture, all the contact info, and relevant posts.

Consistently post on social media.

  • Choose a platform and post consistently. Post to both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously using the latest integration. When parents check out your social media, it’s important for them to see that you have been active. Share photos of your center, your play equipment, and fun activities with the children.

Post in local groups and become an active part of the community.

  • Participating in community events and posting in local social media groups can help your center be noticed! The more people see your face and your brand, the more likely they will be to think of you first when it comes to early education for their children!

Once you have inquiries coming in, it’s really important that you know what to do with them.

What is the best way to help a lead become an enrolled family?

Ask questions and take the time to listen.

  • Parents are usually happy to share their criteria and concerns if you ask the right questions.

Get them to book a tour as soon as possible.

  • Make it easy for families to book a tour on your website, or ask them on the first phone call to come in for a tour. When a face-to-face tour is not possible, help them book a virtual tour. Parents need to see your center to get a feel for what makes you different and they are more likely to make a decision on the spot based on their impressions from the tour.


  • Keep the lines of communication open and allow parents to communicate with you using a channel that best suits them: phone, SMS, email and FB Messenger are the most effective.

  • Automate emails and text messages when you can to save time.


  • Have a detailed follow-up process and encourage your staff to play an active role in communicating with families.

  • Picking up the phone is an effective way to build relationships and trust with potential families.

Of course, having a Lead Management Tool (such as IntelliKid Systems!) can help with capturing all of your inquiries to ensure that no lead is left behind and that staff follows up properly.

Having more inquiries leads to more enrolled families when you have all of the tools in place!


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