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Helpful tips to remind parents to label their children's belongings

Updated: Mar 30

At IntelliKid Systems, we know the frustration that can sometimes surround lost possessions in the childcare environment. The following is a cute and funny way to remind parents about the importance of labeling everything a child brings to a group care environment. Feel free to modify, edit or use in your early childhood environment.

If You Liked It, You Should Put A Label On It!

Whether it’s your infant's change of clothes, preschooler’s jacket, kindergartner's backpack, or your lunch in the office fridge: “If you liked it, you shoulda put a label on it.”

Cool weather is coming and new jackets are arriving at Target (or your favorite store to buy children’s clothes). An adorable Dinosaur jacket is on display and it’s on sale! Of course, you nab it! But so does every other parent.

Teachers always know what’s trending, because soon multiple students will be wearing the same things. Including that adorable dinosaur jacket that was priced too perfectly to pass up (so much so that you bought a larger size up for next year).

The child you sent to school with their new jacket now comes home with one that is slightly smaller, maybe it’s a bit more worn, or, worse, it has melted gummies (or at least you hope it’s gummies) in the pockets.

How was the teacher supposed to know which child’s jacket was which? If you liked it, you shoulda put a label on it!

Everyone wins when we know what belongs to each child. Thank you for labeling all your child's possessions! We really appreciate it!

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