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Transform Your Childcare with IntelliKid Systems!

Discover the difference with IntelliKid Systems. Streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Schedule a demo today to simplify your childcare center.



In this webinar, Jared Hall, founder and CEO of IntelliKid Systems, introduced IntelliKid Systems’ newest product IntelliForms!

IntelliKid Systems knows enrollment. With IntelliForms, the childcare industry will be able to streamline their enrollment and registration process, simplifying it with digital registration forms. Families can complete the forms online and all the information will be automatically updated in their IKS profile.

Imagine the time that can be saved on manual entry, uploading the form, trying to decode the parents’ handwriting and chasing down missing information. Imagine streamlining the enrollment and registration process to make it fast, easy to use, and convenient for families and staff. It’s all possible with IntelliForms!

Essential information will be captured and parents will have the ability to e-sign documents making the registration and enrollment process smoother and simpler. Many parents nowadays don’t even own printers. No need for parents to own a printer with IntelliForms as the information will automatically get returned to IKS. Instead of printing, filling out forms, or performing manual entry, the parents just complete the information and it will be saved in IKS.

Do you require a registration fee for enrollment? With IntelliForms, automated payments can be taken for registration, or other fees. No more back-and-forth phone calls trying to track down payment. Parents will love the time-saving convenience and your staff will love it too!

The IntelliForms product will revolutionize the way your childcare registers and enrolls families!

Join the IntelliForms revolution for $75.00 per month per location.

Contact for a demo or schedule your demo here.


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