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Time For End Of The Year Celebrations in Child Care!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning the end-of-year celebrations for your early childhood center!

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You might like to use a couple of these ideas, together or one for each age group — the options are endless. Make sure you consider your guests’ comfort and safety at these events. Do you need to provide adult sized chairs or tables? It may be worth considering hosting a number of smaller events, rather than one big one.

Create a musical extravaganza: Every occasion is a time for music and singing, but this time of year really lends itself to music. Pick out a bunch of the children’s favorite songs and perform a musical for families. You can incorporate instruments and dance moves along with singing loud and proud.

Perform a cherished story: Choose a favorite story, or one that children can’t get enough of, and put together a performance of the story. Educators can narrate the story and the children can act it out. Add in some dialogue for children who feel confident too! Have the children create the scenery, costumes and props.

Revisit the year’s favorite activities: Get children and educators to vote on the best activities you explored throughout the past year. Base your end-of-year celebration around one or more of those exciting activities. They can be extended into your decorations, songs, stories, outfits, and even your snacks!

Record a movie: Another option is to pre-record a bunch of your ideas – songs, performances, artwork progress – and edit it together into a keepsake movie for families to cherish. If you choose to host a number of smaller events, you could play the movie for everyone to enjoy.

Live stream your event: We’ve all become accustomed to celebrating a variety of occasions online and can now navigate streaming platforms with ease. Grandparents, relatives and people that are unable to attend your in-person event will appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Holiday Season with the children.

Include Everyone: When working with young children, it’s important to create an understanding that all families have their own traditions, beliefs and cultures and we should treat each other with respect and dignity, regardless of where we come from or what we believe. Get families involved:

  • Sing songs in different languages (ask families to write down the words).

  • Dance to music from different countries (ask families for the music).

  • Learning hello and goodbye in different languages.

  • Cooking foods from around the world (ask families for the recipes).

  • Getting children to dress up in their native costume.

  • Taking photos of each family and adding them to a world map of where they originally came from.

  • Ask families to bring in a plate of food from their cultural background (give a list of prohibited foods).

  • Play group games from around the world.

  • Find where each child’s name comes from and its meaning (these can be displayed).

  • Display posters/images of children and people from different countries.


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